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Event: The symbol of independence – Astana”

Date of presentation: december 13, 2017  at 5:00pm

Period of presentation: 13.12.-13.01.2018

Location: “The Palace of Independence” GCE

Address: Astana, Tauelsizdik ave., 52

Event organiser: “The Palace of Independence” GCE

Contact: 701-392, 87711624924, 87017657599.


On  December 13, 2017 new exhibition will be opened in the Palace of Independence, called: “The symbol of independence – Astana”. The exhibition will feature works of members of the Union of Artists of Astana and funds from the Palace of Independence.

The purpose of the exhibition is to support and encourage the idea of the President of the country “Towards the Future – Spiritual Revival” on the eve of the twenty-sixth anniversary of our Independence, which defines, “… the creator of today’s future and the horizons of the bright future.”

The painting, graphic art of the last years gives a lot of opportunities to paint the Independence of the country and the city of Astana. The technique of painting, especially in the painting, reflects a special inspiration of the Kazakh artists.


We invite all the residents and guests of Astana

to visit the exhibition!

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