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Central Hall. Total area is 2 707 sq.m.

The Congress Hall has impressive dimensions 70×70 meters, with a total area of 4775 m2. Sq. M. Total capacity of more than 3,082 people, assembled without columns and supports, using modular ceilings. A distinctive feature of the hall is the possibility of dividing it by means of transforming panels into several parts, each of which can work in an autonomous mode, if it will be necessary there are reliable soundproofing enables the simultaneous holding of several events.

It can be divided into ¼ parts and ½ parts.

The press center, designed for 220 seats and a total area of 250 square meters, has Internet access, linguistic equipment, sound reinforcement equipment, a cathedral table. It is designed for the work of journalists for the rapid transmission of information from the scene, for press conferences, debates, private meetings and other events.

Conference hall. Total area of 337 sq. M. with a capacity of 273 seats equipped with sound amplifying equipment designed for especially solemn events.

Premium hall (lounge). The total area is 265 sq.m.

The oval hall is convenient for holding meetings at the highest level. The warm comfort of the hall is attached to the soft oval shape, but the special decoration of the hall speaks about the officiality and solemnity of the assignment. Total area of the hall is 200 sq.m.

Meeting room № 1. The total area is 38 sq.m.

Meeting room № 2. The total area is 57 sq.m.

Foyer №1. The total area is 689 sq.m.

Foyer №2. The total area is 689 sq.m.

The hall of celebrations for receptions and banquets, receptions, show programs is designed for 678 people, divided into three parts by marble columns. The high ceiling of the hall gives designers unlimited opportunities for festive decoration and installation of rigid constructional decorations. The restaurant is given a cascade of fountains at the palace square, the view of which opens through huge window cases.

The total area is 1800 sq.m.

Picture gallery. The total area is 1666 sq.m.

Gallery of modern art. The total area is 1615 sq.m.

Exhibition Pavilion (balcony). The total area is 752 sq.m.

Cinema (360 degrees). The total area – 250 sq.m., 40 seats.

Food court area of the 2nd floor. The total area is 131 sq.m., 8 tables, 32 chairs.

Exhibition pavilion of the 3rd floor. The total area is 2023 sq.m.

Food court area of the 3rd floor. The total area is 340 sq.m., 16 tables, 32 chairs, 12 sofas.

A mock-up room. The total area is 276 sq.m.

4D theater. The total area is 201 sq.m., 48 seats.

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